Tips to Brighten Up that Kitchen

Do you stand and look at your kitchen and just sigh? Are you someone who is always finding excuses to have that get-together with friends at their home because you think your kitchen is just too ugly for guests? Maybe you love to cook, but lately have had a hard time getting into that kitchen because it is just too dingy to encourage creativity.

If any of this sounds like you, then you just may be in need of a cheap but fun kitchen makeover. You don’t need to change up your stove or invest in new countertops to spruce up a kitchen that is starting to show its age. Sometimes all it really needs is a bit of color, some new paint or a creative approach to one area of the kitchen. Looking for inexpensive ways to feel better about that kitchen? Here are some ideas that won’t break the bank, but will brighten your morning cup of java.

Paint it Yellow

Well, it doesn’t actually have to be yellow, but the general idea is to step up to a brighter color in the kitchen and I tend to like yellow in kitchens for this kind of effect. This can even extend to your patio barbecue area, as we often consider that part of the kitchen in our home. Especially in the summer when we seem to spend all out time out on the deck having a barbecue. You might want to check with LinGas’s recommendation for best propane tank paint if you plan to spruce up that tank while you are at it. We have sometimes painted ours a bright color to make it easy to see and our kids have even painted faces on the tanks to add to the fun.

In the rest of the kitchen, adding a bright new paint color can make a room seem brighter and certainly put us all in a better mood first thing in the morning when looking for that first cup of coffee. I have seen everything from a sweet spring green to a stately black and white that works, it is all dependant on what you like. But nothing quite perks up a kitchen like fresh paint.

Faking It

I don’t know about you but I happen to love the look of those beautiful Italian tiles you see on backsplashes in the better homes. They add a graceful tone to a kitchen and are practical as well in this one area that always seems to attract messes. But not everyone can afford the price of the tiles and the expense of paying an experienced tile setter to create that backsplash. This is where decals have come in lately, and some of them are so well done they look real by the time you have added them to your kitchen area.

Cool it with Color

One area that most of us never think of painting when we want to change up the kitchen is our fridge. I know that when ever I have decided to make the change and paint my fridge, most of my friends think it is crazy until they see it. Let’s face it, most of the time this is one appliance in our kitchen that is boring old white or black. But if it has the old enamel surface to it you can buy the right kind of paint if you ask at your local hardware store and paint it yourself.

Why not a bright green or bold orange fridge? If you don’t want to paint it, why not add some of those great wall stickers to it and make it a polka dot fridge or one with a cool tree image on the front? Get crazy and add that touch of madness to a hum drum kitchen appliance for some pizzazz in your morning.

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